A Word is Born

The quil blots its ink and a word is born

Hot Ether

whose gorgeous aura burns lambent like ether set on fire

Girl in Mini-Skirt

because a nubile girl in mini-skirt just walked by;

Spirit Soaring

and the Spirit soars in seminal poetics;

Poet's Muse

as the Poet's mighty muse parts the skies;

Universe Rattled

then the Universe is rattled avant-garde;

Whispering Hands

as two anonymous hands whispered to a heart;

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heart_touch To The One Written at Home (Kabama) Zaria — Nigeria.
(Sunday, October 28th, 2012)
lullaby my name at dusk
kiss me good night at bedtime
smile sweetly at me in dreamland

perish my fears as your singing heart
serenades mine with cadences of the soul

caress my psyche with your temperate breath
as my sleep deepens into the night

amuse my ear with musical whispers before
the muezzin calls the faithful at dawn

then let the day break restfully at ease

and you may damn me if I do not rule my world
with grand glory like a newborn sun-god!

© 2012, M-Auwal Gene III. All Rights Reserved
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"How vain it is to sit down and write when you have not stood up to live!."