A Word is Born

The quil blots its ink and a word is born

Hot Ether

whose gorgeous aura burns lambent like ether set on fire

Girl in Mini-Skirt

because a nubile girl in mini-skirt just walked by;

Spirit Soaring

and the Spirit soars in seminal poetics;

Poet's Muse

as the Poet's mighty muse parts the skies;

Universe Rattled

then the Universe is rattled avant-garde;

Whispering Hands

as two anonymous hands whispered to a heart;

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the traveler To Gombe Written at Home (Kabama) Zaria — Nigeria.
(Friday, October 26, 2012)
love’s kindly lights will tomorrow
lead me at dusk from Zazzau to yonder
as I hit the winding road
to answer The Call.

upward of a thousand and one unknown turns
I am set to make and each bend might
an old beginning be or to a new end bring me.

all the way I will walk the maze of moments
and all the way I will look not back nor down.

I will stride far beyond the craggy hills of
pambegua and I will hitch and I will hike
through strange lands and past knotted bypasses.

I have heard of clanging war bellows around
that stormy region and I have heard of
scarlet battalions occupying every mile of passage as
generals order their soldiers to kill daring insurgents.

but it matters not how charged with
wrath and tears the platoid terrains are
I will brave it all and this call I shall heed unscared.

over many a devious hill
I will clamber if I have to and trails of
the mountain child I will trace to find my way.

with no assurance that sky god Horus will shine his
light enough for me to follow I might tumble into
the dry ravines of many a stone-crested
gorge and break a bone or two in the dark.

but I will also a few times pause and
wash my darkest wounds with silvery tears
even in the very caverns of beasts of no nations.

and if any of you chances to pass me by and
reaches yonder before I do, please relay the
good news of my wayfaring to the one who
lives in this undecorated heart of mine.

she is the priceless jewel in the savannah
the gentle one with lips that love and never tell me no
the one with eyes that sparkle and set my heart aglow
the one with arms that hold me like no one could know
the cause of and the solution to my restlessness
the one whose warm charm draws me to Gombe
the one true love of mine whose call
I am headed out to answer come rain or shine.

© 2012, M-Auwal Gene III. All Rights Reserved
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"How vain it is to sit down and write when you have not stood up to live!."