A Word is Born

The quil blots its ink and a word is born

Hot Ether

whose gorgeous aura burns lambent like ether set on fire

Girl in Mini-Skirt

because a nubile girl in mini-skirt just walked by;

Spirit Soaring

and the Spirit soars in seminal poetics;

Poet's Muse

as the Poet's mighty muse parts the skies;

Universe Rattled

then the Universe is rattled avant-garde;

Whispering Hands

as two anonymous hands whispered to a heart;

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dry tree Command Me
(To His True Love)
Written at JaySoft K. K., Ilorin — Nigeria.
(Monday, February 14, 2000)
Just by the ordinary utterance of your word,
and upon the honour of the Poet in me,
I swear to forever more remain
abidingly faithful at your service:

Command me to stay alive and
I always shall live to please your
heart’s only desires; or command me
to write and I shall for you write
the finest of verses that ever
in the world had been written.

Command me to laugh, and I shall
all my life be delirious at your bidding;
or command me to cry, and my eyes
shall weep for you till my tissue fluids
are bereft of the salt of life.

Command me to look, and my
lustful gaze shall never veer from
your laughing eyes till old age
bereaves me of my sight;
or command me to go to hell
for my infractions and I shall gladly sign
with the Devil’s Party just to obey you.

Command me to become a fool,
and I shall nevermore have
a brain worth half that of an oaf;
or command me to love wisely,
and I shall live to love no one else
but you, till I expire my final halitus...

© 2000, M-Auwal Gene III. All Rights Reserved
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"Love is the wisdom of the fool and the folly of the wise."