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Faults To Ignore — 2001 @Kwara Poly, Ilorin


LONG before birth, even long before conception, it is very possible to carefully plan and select some special characteristics that an individual would possess after birth. Such characteristics could either be physical (e.g. degree of hairiness on the body, eye or hair or skin colour, height and stature, etc.) or they could be psychological (e.g. the individual’s general emotional tendencies, their IQ, their characteristic ways of addressing personal problems, etc.). Such a process of producing human beings with the aim of enhancing the fine characteristics of the individual is called eugenics and it often involves a great deal of genetic engineering.

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On the other hand, a man and a woman may simply come together and naturally produce a baby without deliberately selecting the child’s physical and/or mental attributes. Such processes involve natural selection, of which even I am a product. When my momma and papa decided to have me, they did it naturally and so I was born with the characteristics that I possess now.

If an individual has been “designed” through eugenics before birth, then it is possible to produce a perfect person, perfectly faultless in every way manipulated by the wonders of modern science. Such a person would most probably live his/her life without any worries about such things as personal looks or some other aspects of his/her personality. If on the other hand a person is not a “designer baby”, then the role of chance in such a person’s conception and birth would almost always produce an individual with some faulty characteristics. All of us around here were conceived and born naturally; we were neither genetically engineered nor eugenically “doped.” So most of the time we do discover that Nature is not really 100% perfect: there are always some faults in our natural makeup, be they minor or major faults.

Such faults could sometimes be a bother, and it is natural for us to consciously make some efforts at correcting those faults. If a woman’s skin is too rough or scabrous for example, she can correct it by beauty care treatment to obtain a smoother and more feminine skin texture. Or if I go to bed at night perfect but wake up the next morning stinking, I know that there is something wrong and I must correct the fault by taking a good bath. And if I notice that I have a faulty posture, I know that what I need is two or three weeks of closely monitored callisthenics at the gym and I would have the proper masculine shape that I desire. Or a girl or woman who suddenly grows long beards! She should know (without being told) that she must correct that fault fast!

Faults and flaws in us like those considered above are easily correctable and it is very okay to do so at every opportunity, for we cannot ignore them. But how about those “faults” that we must ignore?

NATURE’S role in our births produces us as we are characteristically recognized. There are some faults in us here and there, most of which we cannot afford to ignore. So we make conscious efforts to correct the unignorable aspects of our flaws, and that’s very okay.

However, some people (especially those people who are troubled with that awful consciousness called inferiority complex) pay far too much attention to themselves, to their natural flaws and self assumed “defects.” These (sort of) people become self conscious about things which are not really important. They feel that everybody is noticing their “faults” when in fact nobody is. This is an interesting yet serious phenomenon, for it is well known everywhere and the manifestations of its negative impact on the individual are well marked:

  • Way back in secondary school there was a boy in my form who felt that his lips were too thick, so he went about folding his lips into his mouth and he was always reluctant to talk, lest people should notice his lips.
  • A girl once casually complained to me that she’s too thin and went into a feeding frenzy lasting for weeks. She became a gourmand overnight and ate almost everything eatable that she could set her eyes and lay her hands upon. She especially increased her intake of foods with high fat and sugar content with the hope that this would enable her gain weight quickly, but she ended up upsetting her GIT and overall metabolic balance and was subsequently placed on admission for several days in the hospital.
  • A guy in my neighbourhood here is self conscious because he is, according to him, “too short with a head too big.” The guy therefore often deliberately avoids situations where he might be seen with tall people and hence he misses out on most of the funs of life.
  • And only last month or so I ran into an old friend of mine somewhere around the General Post Office. Lola (that’s her name) was quite a delightful sight to behold, but her first complaint after the pleasantries was that she had been having sleepless days and nights lately because she has “grown awfully fat,” as she put it. Yet when I looked at her from hair to sole, she had that perfect (I mean really perfect) shape and curves for a girl of her age...

Many such instances abound everywhere whereby people pick out some minor characteristics which they think make them imperfect and then spend a great deal of time convincing themselves that just because of this or that “fault” in them, they cannot live and enjoy a very productive and happy life. And so they miss out on the major funs of life.

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But it is a very distressing pity if one must live below his/her full enjoyment of life just because of faults or flaws over which they can do little or nothing. Every man and every woman must learn to ignore those self assumed “defects” and accept themselves as they are if they really want to be happy in life. Let us all be aware that Nature is never 100% perfect and, as such therefore, human beings cannot always be perfect since they are also products of an imperfect Nature. But for every little real or imagined flaw in us, we can always find something about ourselves for which we can complement ourselves.

Enjoy yourself and quit worrying about those faults that must be ignored!

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"Education means not only being able to tell what goes wrong, but also why it goes wrong."