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welcome — to my world

HELLO, WORLD... I am M-Auwal Gene III, a computer software engineer who loves to solve interesting problems. An aficionado of spiced and green teas, I also believe my mission on earth is to get in here, get some things done, get them done right, and then get out. We know our time in this world is pretty much limited however, so I have deliberately chosen to live by a very simple philosophy: I never allow what I cannot do right now [to] interfere with what I can do right now.

I think I am... well, shall we say... a C.H.A.R.A.C.T.E.R. who strongly believes in ESP — not Extra Sensory Perception as we know it in the parapsychic, trans-temporal operations of the mind — but I mean Enjoyment (of the) Simple Pleasures (of life).

So you could say I am an Epicurean because to me, pleasure is the chief good in life; and I am unashamedly pleased to report here that at least one person is pleasantly (or, should I say pleasurably?) smiling and breathing easier today because I lived. Really, I have grown to learn (through thought, action and experience) that there can be nothing more fulfilling in life than making sure that at least one soul smiles everyday because I lived – and that is great pleasure to me!

You may also think of me as the archetypal minimalist who gets tremendous satisfaction from not wasting things — in other words, I strongly loathe wastage or inefficiency of any sort — and if there is anything I could do all my life for free, then its gotta be making more money! big smile

So far, I have lived long enough on earth to always automagically know that whenever I do good, I FEEL good and whenever I do bad, I FEEL bad. Now, *THAT* is my religion! Beyond all of that, though, it may interest you to know that my ways are not the ways of men, I am a Conscious Existentialist living purposefully with a vision, I am a non-aligned Poet, I am a university Teacher-cum-Administrator and I am a pragmatic Cowboy Programmer — therefore I am! I think my life has been really great so far, even though I do not have an aura that is great enough to make me a god yet.

All in all, I know I am not cool; but I am cool with that. And since I am not particularly extra-ordinary and I don't imagine you came here to admire me, I shall stop here and keep the intro this brief. End of sermon.

"If the idiots hate you, it is [enough] proof that you are not one of them!"